Luxury Living Room Interiors Suited for Gold Coast Holiday Homes

Luxury living rooms aren’t easy to design or to decorate. You need to settle into a decorating process to give life to your living room ideas. Your overall living room design should be both a reflection of your personality and what makes your home comfortable and a family refuge. Remember, though, that your home is your and your family’s refuge, so don’t design a luxury living room with the idea of entertaining guests. What makes holiday homes Gold Coast stunning and impressive is how it can look like a lovely dream home.

Forested atmosphere

If your home is surrounded by trees or near a forested area, attempt a forested atmosphere for the living room. Focus on windows and their view of nature outside. Position large cosy sofas to face the windows. Decorate coffee tables, mantels, and fireplace areas with bowls or baskets of pinecones or decorative twigs.

Emphasize the colour

If your living room walls and shelves are already brightly colourful, use white furniture and minimalist accents to let the colour pop out. Tall rooms with window walls should remain uncluttered near the walls to make the room look airy. Keep the living room decorations minimalist as well to allow the colour to come out. You can add wall lights to emphasize the colours at night. 

Create interior décor vignettes

Instead of grouping the same decorations or things together, why not mix them up? Place a tray or marble board on a table/coffee table and put together assorted items like pinecones, flowers, miniatures, and other table decors. On bookshelves, mix some flowers, plants, and other decors with the books or magazines.

Group lights together

Instead of a predictable and traditional chandelier, try grouping together hanging pendant lamps in the centre of the room. Group similar lamps or lights in corners and the dining room with different lengths. Try grouping wall lights in certain areas or corners to emphasize wall colours or decors if they are brightly coloured.

Gold Coast Luxury House

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