What is a Smart Home? (And Why You Need One for Homes for Sale Gold Coast)

Are you in the market for a luxury home in the Gold Coast? Then your home should be a smart home. Smart homes used to be a luxury for the super-rich, but today, smart homes are becoming a necessity and more affordable.

A smart home is any residence equipped with several devices that automate tasks that used to be done manually by humans. The basic smart system is usually built into the structure itself, and some are added later. Homeowners operate the system using applications, voice commands, automation, or artificial intelligence.

What are some smart home benefits?

  • Keeps your home safe

Smart system locks replace your door and window locks so you can lock or unlock them remotely. You can use an app to check if everything is locked, and even keep a record of family members who have come and gone.

  • You can monitor your home

You can monitor your house using smart security alerts. You can be remotely alerted to safety or security issues. You can get all types of alerts such as tap leaks, garage door being opened, smoke, and when someone rings the doorbell.

  • You can manage home temperature and save energy

Smart thermostats can learn your daily habits and automatically adjust the temperature based on your daily tasks. You can also remotely adjust temperatures using an app.

  • Delegating tasks through a smart assistant

A smart virtual assistant allows you to use voice commands to delegate tasks like turning on the news, selecting a playlist, search the web, weather updates, and control other household smart devices.

  • Streamlining chores

TVs, dishwashers, refrigerators, coffeemakers, and washers can be smart connected and have remote access and control. The appliances can even alert you to relevant information. For instance, the refrigerator can scan the inside and let you know that your eggs and milk are about to expire.

  • Smart lighting

A smart lighting system allows you to control the lighting in every room of your home directly from your smartphone. You can turn off lights remotely even if you’re away from the house. You can also configure the lights to turn on just before you arrive home. 

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